Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bundle Up in Your Favorite Coat!

I used to absolutely hate wearing coats! My mom would bundle me up in multiple layers in the winter to the point where I could barely bend my legs to run with the rest of the kids..I imagine this created a sense of feeling claustrophobic whenever I put on any type
of layers growing up.

However, over the past couple of years, the countless styles of coats that have become available has found me looking forward to the season change so I can shop for coats. I have interestingly been cured of this phobic feeling. Here are some of my favorite coats spotted at stores and online as well as photos of me in my favorite coat i've purchased for this fall/winter.
(Fur Collar Tribal Coat:; Cowl Collar Olive Coat:; Olive Marine Coat:; Cream Cape: H&M.Com)

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Joel Salmon said...

The one you’re wearing in that photo of yours looks great on you! Pairing the outfit with those boots made the look complete. It’s clear you have a great taste for fashion. You know what clothes to pick, and how to make them work with other accessories.

Joel Salmon