Friday, October 7, 2011

The Versatility Award Goes to..THE DENIM JACKET

This timeless piece wins the award for most versatile item of clothing, in my opinion... I don't think many men would consider the "little black dress" a must have in their wardrobe!

The denim jacket can go with floral, polkadots, solids, and stripes. It can go with dresses, collared shirts, t-shirts, hooded-sweatshirts...I mean, I think this was a perfect invention! By the way, it can be worn in practically any season...sharpa-lined jackets when layered with other nice items, can get you through some winters (depending on where you live)

Below are some personal favorite ways to wear the jacket. I tend to like the scarf and jacket look. I've included a pic of myself wearing a denim jacket put together with a printed scarf, white tee, black pants and...well, I put on these brown booties..however this outfit could go with: flats (they matched some mustard ones I have), knee high black boots, black clogs (heels), or tan oxford laceups...I could go on...

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