Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Falling for Fall 2011 - Color Alert: Burnt Sienna & Antiqued Gold

Well it has been two years since i've been posting. I'm saddened that although I continued to follow all my favorite fashion blogs, I've lost my followers! I absolutely love all the current fall colors. My style has fallen a little more casual. Ive been focusing more on colors than actual design..some posts will be a simple tee! I don't really like outfits that look too "put together". My fashion style is similar to my decorating style...eclectic. I like to buy individual pieces, some vintage..some new and put them together last minute. I don't like perfectly matched outfits much.

I typically browse mags or websites to get inspired before a shopping trip..but the other week I went shopping without doing so...I purchased two tops that stood out to me as far as color and come to find out, these colors are really "in" for the Fall.

Images are from Madewell.com (LOVE!!! this store and wish I could afford it!)

Below are images of tops I purchased in similar colors: I PROMISE to have better pictures on future posts..these were taken before I knew I was going to start blogging again! =-)

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